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Damp proofing may be required for various reasons , the most popular reasons are rising damp , this is moisture tracking up the walls from the ground to approx. 1m heigh , cold bridging areas where insufficient insulation is causing condensation and in turn serious mould growth, and also penetrating damp , this could be poor exterior pointing or failed lintols and cavity trays.

Our expert surveyors can attend your property and evaluate the cause, we can then provide a considered, cost-effective solution to restore your home.

You Need To Know

Signs of damp in your home.

Certain factors such as a leaking water pipe or a leaking external gutter can cause damp issues and the evidence will normally show inside the home as a damp patch.  We always need to identify the moisture source as the sooner we take remedial action to mitigate the cause the less damage the damp will cause to a property.

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Various causes of damp are:

Why Choose This Service

Damp Proofing Walls And Why

A permanent damp proofing solution is required to eradicate moisture entering a building , such moisture can cause aethetic damage to the decorations , plaster and woodwork. If left untreated more serious problems can occur to the structure of the building such as wet rot to joists and floor boards.

Other problems that may arise due to damp are your daily living conditions as mould spores are extremen[y detrimental to our health , especially people with asthma or other raspatory conditions.

Damp Solutionsand preventions

We can offer various solutions that meet the requirements for the building , our surveyor will assess the requirements and will chose a solution from the below.

What is rising damp?

A damp proof courses (DPC) prevents water from being drawn up by the brick work as it stops moisture rising up the walls , these can become damaged over time, making a rising damp problem more likely in an older property as the older the DPC the more likely it can fail.

You can also identify rising damp in properties where the ground level outside has increased in height such as a garden bed or a patio being laid .


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Over the last few years there has been a surge across the UK of houses finding they have wet cavity insulation . The reasons behind this can vary from the natural porosity of the masonry, building defects and the geographical location itself with wind driven rain driving through the exterior surface and into the insulation material but mainkly its due to the incorrect materials being used . Once this material is damp it would take months of dry weather to dry the material out . Once such material is wet it has the adverse effect on heat retention as it actually allows heat to escape at a greater rate .

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